Westwood Park and Woods in Little Chalfont

Little Chalfont Family Friendly Walk

Little Chalfont is where I grew up so I spent years and years in this park. It has had a revamp since then and continues to be one of my favourite parks with my children.

Westwood Park offers lots of parking, a gated playground, sports courts (pay on site at the machines), a large field for football and cricket which also has mound type hills, fantastic woods and links to other walking routes.

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

The playground has accessible swings, a huge slide, various swings and climbing equipment as well as wooden assault course and also metal outdoor gym equipment. It is a park which has something for every age group. The sports courts are pay as you go and are within view of the playground so ideal if you have older and younger children.

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

On the main field there is also a pavilion which I believe can be hired out and is also used by the community for kids clubs and activities in the holidays (non Covid times).

My children LOVE the grassy hills, they were great for teaching my children to ride their bikes as they could go down the hills to learn their balance.

On the weekends in non-coved times there will be football and cricket going on so the field can get busy but it is easy to walk around the edges (just be mindful of your dogs please.)

I don’t think we have ever been to the park without going in the woods, they are huge. With big dips for running in and trees and dens for exploring you won’t be short of things to do. They also have beautiful bluebells in April/May.

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

From Westwood Park you can do several longer walks including along to Chenies or down through the woods to Latimer by the River Chess. These walks really do show you the best of the Chilterns and have farms and animals along the way. If you want animals without the long walk you can pop through the gate at the end of Westwood Park where there are sometimes cows. Click here for details of one of the longer walks.

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk

This is a buggy friendly place but do look in advance if you plan to walk further as there are a few styles and gates if you head towards the Chess Valley. It has benches and bins and is well kept by the groundsman who lives in the house on site.

Parking – You can park at Westwood Park HP6 6PW and you can also walk to it and access it via a path on Chessfield Park. As always be mindful of residents and take your litter home!

This is also a park which can easily be accessed by train or bus. Head to Chalfont and Latimer station and then have a 5 minute walk up the short hill.

The only down side for me is that there are no toilets unless the clubhouse is open and you sneak in, there is also a lack of food or drink unless you walk into Little Chalfont. That doesn’t bother my children who always have at least 1000 snacks somewhere in my bag an will jump at the chance to do a nature wee!

Little chalfont, park, playground, walk Little chalfont, park, playground, walk


Business Name: Westwood Park

Address: Chenies Ave, Little Chalfont, Bucks, HP6 6PW

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