Weston Turville Play Areas

Weston Turville Play Area – with parking!

boy climbing slide steps in playground in Weston turville bucks

We love finding a new play area and especially when it is only a short drive and has a huge field to run around!

boy at basketball hoop in playground in bucks

Weston Turville has a large playground within a field which also contains tennis courts and a paved area with basketball hoop and rebound wall. The tennis courts are open to the public and available 24/7 at no charge.  The park is behind the Village Hall next to the school so if you are local you will no doubt have already found it!

tennis courts in Weston turville bucks

We are always keen on play area which cater across the ages and stages and this one does it nicely. It has lots of wooden equipment and a zip line too. This would be a great area for a picnic and bring the bikes for a ride around the field or a kick about with a football.

toddler play equipment in Weston turville bucks

wooden climbing equipment in playground in bucks

I can imagine it gets very busy after school but during the day and weekends we have found it to be quiet.

Access via School Approach, Weston Turville. HP22 5RW

And we found another playground too, just up the road…. scroll down to find out more.



The new houses by the Holiday in on the A41 have a lovely new play area, but parking is very very tricky as it is a residential area. I believe there is a path from Bedgrove which links to this housing area, I would love to know if you find it.

The play area has inclusive swings and equipment for all ages which is great to see. This is going to be our ‘on the way home from the shops’ play area for a run about and quick swing. Please keep residents in mind and park considerately in an appropriate place.

Access via New Road, heading away from the A41, past Holiday Inn, turn into the last left of the new housing estate, the park is visible from the main road.


Business Name: Weston Turville Parish Council

Address: Main Street, Weston Turville. HP22 5RW

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