Top 5 Tips for Children’s Party Food

If you’re looking for top tips when planning the food at your kid’s birthday party then who better to ask than experienced party entertainers DNA Kids.

childrens birthday party food

1. Keep it Simple

It is best to keep your party food simple. Classic party food is still the most popular, such as sandwiches, crisps, cheese cubes/strings, mini sausages, tomatoes, cucumber/carrot sticks, grapes, biscuits, small cakes etc.

2. Don’t go Overboard

To avoid costly leftovers, try not to buy more food than you realistically need. Small tummies rarely eat big plates of food! It is also worth catering for the odd ‘surprise’ guests!

3. Timings

At a DNA Kids party they for food halfway through the party (i.e. after an hour). The length of the food break is completely up to you. However, a typical food break lasts approx. 15 – 30 minutes (depending on the age group).

4. Party Food Boxes

If you prefer a shorter food break, putting controlled amounts of food in party boxes avoids any drawn-out food ‘grazing!’ Also, instead of using jugs of juice and cups, drinks in cartons or bottles will help speed up the food break.

5. Helping Hands

Book your friends or family helpers early on. Besides from helping at food time, you may want help putting up the party decorations or clearing up the venue.

CLICK HERE for some great party food ideas that you can make yourself.


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