Things to Do with Your Children During the Lockdown

With most people at home due to the pandemic, children and parents have a lot more time to spend together. While that is a great way of bonding, it can also be stressful for adults – how do you keep a kid entertained for hours when you can’t leave the home? Don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas you can try out.

Simple and fun activities

The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is to have a movie marathon or binge-watch a TV series. If you don’t agree with your children watching TV, it’s ok, you can try other things on our list or you can make an exception every now and then. Disney+, Netflix or HBO Go all have plenty of choices for all ages.

If you really don’t want to involve technology, don’t worry, you can try building a fort or a tent out of sheets. This activity is going to take several hours until it’s done properly and it will still be great fun for your kids even after you’ve finished. If you don’t have the tools and you need to improve, it’s even more fun!

If you want to teach them something you can try some music lessons. You may find the necessary notes published by Sound-unsound so even if you are not a music teacher you can try and figure out the basics together. Playing the guitar or even a harmonica could be a great way of spending time together.

In need of physical activities? If space allows it you can make an obstacle course – the hallway or living room should be perfect for that. You don’t need things that could hurt you so rely on toys and pillows as obstacles. Create some instructions and they will play all day even after you are tired of running around with them.

Acquire some skills

Here’s a vintage idea that also helps the economy a little bit – write letters to relatives and friends. Ask your kid to craft a letter for family members or close friends in which they can talk about whatever they want. You can see what is going on through their minds plus you help them develop their writing and other skills that come with this activity.

Cooking is always a skill that’s good to have so why not involve them? Find a simple recipe that doesn’t involve knives or the stove (or you can do those parts) and you can supervise them as they learn how things are done in the kitchen. They are sure to appreciate your culinary efforts even more afterward.

Making a puzzle is also a fun idea and one that stimulates the brain. You probably have some dusty old model in the attic; dust it off and start working on it together. Some kids will like it and some won’t, but if they do, you will have them trying to figure it out for long hours.

Building something with Lego is also really cool and kids are probably going to love it even more. Build something a bit more complicated such as a bridge or a castle and let their imagination run wild!

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