The Theatre Chipping Norton

chipping norton theatreAn arts and social charity, The Theatre Chipping Norton is a feisty producing theatre, gallery, Take Part & cinema.

In the heart of the Cotswolds, at the junction point of three counties and four regions, The Theatre Chipping Norton is a mixed arts venue, hosting, co-producing and supporting some of the most exciting, accessible and entertaining culture in the region. Their extensive community and education programmes engage with thousands of people each year through workshops, classes and creative projects, and they develop creative work through Associate Companies, curated festivals and commissioned projects.

The Theatre Chipping Norton always have a great panto and this year they have the classic Aladdin. It’s a lovely small theatre so it’s a fantastic place for kids to get a great view and really be immersed in the performance.

Not only do they have great performances, but there are a great range of drama, musical theatre, street dance and school holiday drama workshop camps to suit a wide range of ages.


Business Name: The Theatre Chipping Norton

Address: 2 Spring Street, Chipping Norton. Oxfordshire, OX7 5NL


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