How To Teach Your Kids About Insects

To adults, insects are often too gross to pay more attention to them. However, kids are more likely to be curious which is why it’s so common to see them chasing spiders and other bugs. They don’t see insects as a threat or source of disease, because to them, they’re just funny little things they can play with. However, some kids tend to be more sheltered than others, which is why you’ll often see them being scared and running away from animals, including insects. Since we live in an age of constant climate threat, it’s important to teach kids about biodiversity and the sanctity of all life. Therefore, here are some fun and interesting ways that you can use to teach your kids more about insects.

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1. First, teach them to differentiate between the bugs

As most adults know, not all bugs are the same, nor they’re all equally dangerous. Therefore, teaching your child to know the difference between a ladybug and a cockroach can be quite significant, as they’ll know to treat them accordingly. If you happen to catch a bug, you can then bring it to your child to inspect it, count the legs and examine the wings. Of course, bugs shouldn’t be killed for the sake of killing them, instead, teach your kids to release them safely without hurting them.

2. Read books and encyclopedias

The easiest way to introduce your child to the wonders of our world is to show them various books and encyclopedias. That way, they can satisfy their thirst for knowledge without actually risking their health. Besides, reading and learning together with your kids can be a great bonding activity and a fun way to spend some time together. Since kids nowadays are more tech-savvy, you can also use different apps and online video games to teach them about animals, nature, and space.

3. Just go outside

Spending time outdoors is the easiest way to reconnect with nature and feel healthy and happy. Also, since there are so many insects outside, taking your child to the park will surely help them learn about different types of bugs. Additionally, you can buy cool butterfly kits for kids and play a little competition game with your children. After the game’s over, you can examine all the bugs that you’ve managed to collect, and then release them safely and gently. Being outside and learning through play is the best way for children to relax and learn how to appreciate their surroundings.

4. Watch fun movies and YouTube videos

Sometimes, learning doesn’t have to be about sitting behind the desk and reading a book, so if you want to introduce your child to different types of bugs, you can always find an interesting movie that will capture their attention and imagination alike. Movies like “Antz”, “A Bug’s Life”, and “Bee Movie” can be interesting and informative, but make sure to pick something that is age-appropriate for your child, so they won’t get bored or frightened. Having a family movie night is also a great way to be together and have some fun while learning about insects. On the other hand, there are also a lot of documentaries (easily found on YouTube) where your kids can get more in-depth information about insects and other animal species. 


Even if you don’t like bugs, that doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t learn more about them, because who knows, maybe they’ll grow to love nature and animals so much to choose that as their profession one day. Learning about insects can be quite useful, so remember to make it fun and memorable, so they’ll continue to be interested throughout the learning process. 

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