Smartie Birthday Cake with Bunting

This Smartie birthday cake is possibly the easiest ‘cheat’ homemade birthday cake you can make.  Make it even quicker and easier by buying a basic cake to decorate. Add on some homemade bunting to give it a little extra wow factor.  This was made for my son’s 5th birthday party which had a circus theme.

smartie birthday cake, easy birthday cake, circus theme party

What you’ll need to make the Smartie birthday cake:

  • Basic cake to decorate (these are of the cheapest to buy at the supermarket)
  • Butter icing
  • Lots of Smarties
  • 2 straws
  • Coloured paper
  • String

How to decorate the Smartie birthday cake:

  • Start by covering the cake in a layer of butter icing, all over the top and around the sides.
  • Stick Smarties on all over the cake, kids love getting involved in this stage.
  • To make the bunting, cut triangles from colour paper and wrap around a length of string.
  • Tape the bunting to the end of each straw and insert into the cake.


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