Sanity-Saving Tips for Taking Kids to the Beach

Although going to the beach with your kids may sound fun, it can be stressful if you do not bring everything they might need. And they might need a lot. 

Yes, they are going to have the best time of their lives, but you are probably not. Here are some tips on how to make sure your kids are safe on the beach.


Have the proper footwear

Moving through the burning sand or hot rocks can be the worst experience of your life, and your children will agree with it, as well. Having the proper beach footwear is a lifesaver. There are plenty of fantastic beach shows being made for children, but if you are struggling to find the right ones for yourself, here are the best beach shoes list to choose from. Your feet will be protected not only from the hot ground but from any harmful and sharp object you happen to step on. 

Stick sunscreen for no burns

Kids love to play in the water or on the sand. And on the beach, they will be doing it for hours. Although you try to keep them in the shades sometimes, they will not be pleased with it. 

Everyone probably knows that kids need sunscreen, but applying it to the restless child is almost an impossible task. 

But if you get a stick sunscreen, you applying sunscreen is going to become an easy task. It takes significantly less time to cover your child head to toe than it does with the cream sunscreen. It is something that should be on your beach shopping list.

Get to the beach early

If you are going to a popular beach that is usually crowded, getting there early will save you a lot of time that would be spent on trying to find an available spot. 

Going to the beach before the crowd allows you to claim the spot that suits you the best. 

Another bonus when it comes to going to the beach in the morning is that the intensity of the sun is much lower than in the afternoon, so the temperature is perfect for your children to play in the sand as much as they like. By the time the heat catches up, they will probably be exhausted.

Bring the right amount of toys

Although your child will want to bring all of their toys and gadgets, it is definitely not a good idea. They will simply not have the time to play with all of them, so it will only be a waste of valuable space. But, bringing sand tools and water balls is a-must. 

If your child has any other hobbies that they would like to do on the beach, it is also a good idea to include them on your list. Especially if it is the hobby that will keep them out of the sun for a while. For example, reading, or even playing an instrument. If your child plays an instrument that is easily carried, it will not be too hard to bring it along. If you are looking to invest in some travel friendly instruments, here are some of the best banjos for kids that are very easy to carry. Even if your child is not playing, but they want to learn how to play the guitar, starting with the banjo is a good idea, because it is much easier than a guitar. 

Bring a big tote bag

There is a reason why beach bags are much bigger than other bags. You will need a lot of things. Towels, food, dry clothes, toys, sunscreen, and so many other little things, that maybe it will not fit in one bag. Buying a huge beach bag is going to make your trip much easier, because you will not need to walk to the car twice to take all the things. 

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