Neptune Wood

Neptune Woods owned by the Earth Trust is relatively new, created in 2005 and a lovely spot to go on a family woodland walk.  An easy walk through Oak trees, Alders and Rowan there’s a good mix of leafy shade on a hot day.

willow tunnel, willow den, willow sculpture

Just before Neptune Woods, you pass through a field leading from the car park with willow sculptures.  Probably the best dens going, they have been woven and are living so give great leafy cover in the spring and summer.  My kids raced to these and loved hiding and playing through them.  There are a number dotted of different sizes and I think they could have quite happily hung out here for their adventure.

willow tunnel, willow den, willow sculpture willow tunnel, willow den, willow sculpture willow tunnel, willow den, willow sculpture

Past the living willow dens you come to Neptune Wood itself.  It was created as one of 27 new woodlands by the Earth Trust to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.   Timber played a vital role in British maritime past with all of the fleet made from strong and plentiful oak.  You’ll find lots of newly planted Oak trees as well as Rowan and Alder which all played a crucial role from keeping gunpowder dry to making barrels.

Neptune Wood Earth Trust, Neptune Wood Long Wittenham, Neptune Wood Oxfordshire I love that the trees have been planted by locals including 750 children making a connection practically and not just in the classroom.

The pathways were hard packed and would have been find for a pushchair to pass down but I can imagine it would too tricky if there had been a lot of rain as the ground would get muddy.  A great appeal of the walk here is that it’s a figure of eight which means you if you’re looking for a longer woodland walk with kids in Oxfordshire then you can do the full winding route.  If you have younger ones you could just do a little circle.

family woodland walk Oxfordshire, woodland walk kids Oxfordshire

The woods are wonderfully peaceful and we didn’t meet anyone at all on our afternoon out.  It was great to be able to study the different leaf shapes, watching the electric blue dragon fly zipping around and the odd poppy was in flower here and there too.

There’s a small pond and worth noting the warnings that  blue-green algae is present in the pond. Blue-green algae can be toxic to all and fatal to dogs so please keep them on a lead and out of the water.

Neptune Wood Earth Trust, Neptune Wood Long Wittenham, Neptune Wood Oxfordshire

Neptune Wood Parking

Neptune Woods has it’s own dedicated car park accessed from Little Wittenham Road.  It’s not particularly easy to spot so slow down as you get near.  There are also walks leading to Wittenham Clumps and Little Wittenham from the car park and past the willow sculptures.

Neptune Wood Oxfordshire map Neptune Wood parking

Neptune Woods Facilities

There are no toilets at Neptune Woods to make sure you go before you leave home!  Dogs are allowed but must be on leads and there is a dog poo bin at the car park.  Please use it rather than hanging up your plastic bag of poop on a tree branch.  My 3 year old was most curious about the bag we saw on our way around.

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