Mummy and Me Yoga | Wraysbury

Question: “When do I have time to exercise with a new born?”

Answer: It’s easy at one of our mummy&me exercise classes. You work out WITH you baby – Yes we know it sounds a bit crazy – but it really works!

After giving birth it’s wise to let your body recover – it has been through a lot after-all! But soon you will start to feel a bit more back to normal and exercise classes are a fantastic way to lose any baby weight, tone your tummy and boost your mood.

Our qualified instructors have specially designed post-natal workouts to help get you back into pre-pregnancy shape and as baby comes too they enjoy the fun as much as you do!

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Business Name: Busylizzy Runnymede

Address: Wraysbury Village Hall, TW19 5NA

Opening Times:

Fridays 09:45 - 10:30


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