Marble Roll Painting

My kids went to a really fun Go Jetters themed birthday party at the weekend.  One of the activities was this fun marble roll painting.  You could just use a rectangle of paper but they created theirs on circles to make their own ‘Earth’.

You will need:

  • Paint
  • A few marbles
  • Paper
  • Tray or box lid (I’ve done this before with a baking tray but on this occasion they used a deep cardboard box lid which means there’s no washing up afterwards and you can just throw it away).

How to do the marble roll painting:

  • Place the paper inside the box lid or tray.
  • Squirt on some paint.
  • Drop on the marbles and then roll them around in the box or tray by gently tipping in different directions.
  • Carefully remove the paper and leave to dry.

This craft activity was much loved by the kids and kept the younger and older ones equally occupied and very focused.

marble, roll, painting, earth day

marble, roll, painting, preschool

marble, roll, painting, preschool

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