Inteview with Melman the Giraffe aka Connor Dyer

Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria will be jumping from the big screen straight to the stage in the brand new musical Madagascar.  I’m super excited to be taking my boys to see it at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre this September.

I get to do some cool things with Red Kite Days but interviewing a cast star was a first.  My kids and their friends helped me to pull together some questions to ask Connor Dyer who is playing Melman the Giraffe.  With kids involved there were a few random questions to ask!

Madagascar the Musical will be performed 19th to 22nd September at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre and from the You Tube clips it looks like it will be pretty amazing.

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Credit: Scott Rylander

What was your first acting role?
My first professional role was as a member of Draco Malfoy’s gang in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

What’s it like being an actor?
Lots of fun but it requires lots of determination too.  It’s a great laugh and the community is amazing.

Stage or Screen?
Stage 100%, love the energy, the audience.  Musicals are the heart for me.

If a giraffe was to wear a tie, would it go at the top of the neck or the bottom?
Top of the neck … no actually I think where the chest meets the neck.

Being Melman the Giraffe

Who’s your favourite cast member?
I love them all but in Melman’s eyes it has to be Gloria.

How hot do you get in your costume?
Very hot and we’re going to China in August.

Have you visited any giraffes to research your role?
I’ve watched lots of David Attenborough.

Is playing Melman a career high?
Yes, 100%.  I loved the film as a kid.

Are you excited about performing again at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre (Conner worked front of house here previously)
Oh yes, I know all the routes, the friendly faces, it’s like home.

What do you love about Melman?
He looks at a situation and analyses everything.

What’s your favourite line of dialogue in your role?
Foosa Schmoosa

If you could play another character in the show, who would it be?
Julian, he’s the life of the party

When you have a break during rehearsals what do you spend your time doing?
Mostly going through lines,  there are lots of puppets so getting the timing right is important.

All About Connor Dyer

What’s your favourite animal?
It used to be an elephant but I’m now intrigued by giraffes.

Early to bed or late owl?
Early to bed but late if there’s not a show

Crisps or chocolate?
Crisps, Pringles

If you had a magic wand, what role would you do  next?
Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

What were you like at school?
Quite a shy kid but into theatre and drama

Who inspires you?
Mum and Dad.  They’re lovely people and taught me what it means to work hard, be on time, know your stuff and help others.

Have you any advice for young aspiring actors?
Once you know, be determined, have faith in yourself.  Believe in yourself and you can conquer anything.

We finish the interview and you step outside and find a lottery ticket that wins you £10m.  What would you do?
I’d have a massive holiday with friends and family, donate to a few charities and save the rest.

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