Fairy Toadstool Cupboard Knobs

Transform a wardrobe or chest of drawers by making some fairy toadstool cupboard knobs. We made these for a woodland-themed bedroom.

What You Need to make Fairy Toadstool Cupboard Door Knobs

  • Wooden drawer knobs with round tops
  • Red paint
  • White paint

How to Make Fairy Toadstool Cupboard Door Knobs

  • Paint the top of the wooden drawer knobs red, leaving a wooden strip visible at the base of the knobs.

low cost wooden drawer knobs

  • When dry, add white spots on top of the red area using a paintbrush.
  • Allow to dry.

  • Remove the existing knobs from the cupboard. Usually you can do this easily by removing the screw from the inside of the drawer.

  • Screw on the toadstool cupboard knobs.

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