Dantoy Baking Set | Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

I’m in love with Dantoy’s brand-new “I’m Green” line of bioplastic products. My son was gifted their baking set to try out and then the ice cream set. Their bioplastic is made of at least 90% sugarcane, a sustainable raw material, and their bioplastic is 100% recyclable.

Dantoy believe that people should buy less, buy well and I agree too! That is why I love that their toys are only made with sustainable products.  We can all be eco-friendly and by choosing brands who care will make a little difference.

Coming in a recycled carboard box, it’s a wonderful set for make believe baking games and a lot less messy than baking a real cake!  There are 11 pieces in the set and we played with at our toy kitchen.  All in lovely muted colours, there’s plenty to get busy with including a bowl, whisk, cookie cutters, rolling pin and more.

Dantoy leads the way with their bioplastics. The manufacture of bioplastics reduces carbon emissions. The sugarcane is cultivated on controlled, pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil. The sugarcane is harvested every 6 – 12 months. Bioplastic made of sugarcane is a 100% sustainable raw material.

Traditional plastic is made from crude oil, whilst dantoy “I’m Green” PE (bioplastic) is made from at least 90% sugarcane (ethanol). Ethanol, a form of alcohol, is extracted from sugarcane, after which it is used to make bioplastic.

The sugarcane used for dantoy bioplastics grows in plantations in the southern and central regions of Brazil, more than 2,500 km from the Amazon region. The enlargement of areas for cultivating sugarcane is managed by “Sugarcane Agroecological Zoning”, formed by Brazil’s federal government. The harvested sugarcane is conveyed by train for further processing, which is more eco-friendly than being transported by lorries.

The Dantoy Bio-Toy 11 Piece Baking Line costs £23.99 from Amazon.




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