How to Cope With GCSE Exam Stress

Pressure to do well in exams can be stressful and overwhelming for children and young people of all ages.  Experienced tutor, Patrice of One-2-One Tutoring in Oxfordshire, shares her top tips to beat GCSE exam stress.

how to deal with exam stress and anxiety

Look After Yourself!

Sorry for the demanding header; but I have seen so many GCSE students burning the candle at both ends and they’ve only just started the full flow of exams recently. They are so anxious, feeling so drained and tired, and they are already getting run down… and we haven’t even got half way through the exams yet.

It stresses me out seeing students like this! You can see how much pressure they are under and how they beat themselves up about not revising enough.

The worse thing to do around exams is over revise and staying up late the night before the exam, trying to cram in last minute information. It concerns me that students are not looking after their mental health at this critical time in their life.

Sometimes taking a step back, taking a breather and having a short break isn’t the worse thing in the world!

Top Tips to Deal With GCSE Exam Stress

Here are some helpful tips to keep your mind in check:

  1. Download “headspace” on your phone; it’s a meditation app which allows you to unwind 10 minutes a day and it helps take the stress away.
  2. If you have a furry friend at home; take them for stroll and get some fresh air for yourself and BREATHE (your furry friend will love it too).
  3. Each day, write down one positive thing that made you smile and feel great about your day. It’ll keep you feeling optimistic!
  4. Do something that you love, whether that’s listening to your favourite song and having a boogie, or going for a short jog.

Remember kids, your well being is top priority over anything else. If you’re not fit and mentally well-rested, then all of your studying could be for nothing.


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Patrice Heaney is the founder of One-2-One Tutors, and also an active tutor.  Patrice is an experienced tutor and has spent time listening to parents and understanding what they actually want from a tuition service. All parents want to see is progress and improvement, as they want the best for their children. They want someone who cares about education as well as caring about their child’s achievement. They want efficient support within one to one sessions and using adaptable methods to suit the child.  If you’re looking for a private tuition for your children in English, Maths and Art, then contact One-2-One Tutors to help you reach your goal.

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