The Children’s Play Village

My jaw dropped when I walked into the Children’s Play Village near Warwick.  Wowzers … it’s the most gorgeous little world, perfect for tiny humans with lots of imagination.

One of my Mum best friends and I took our little ones, one Friday morning to explore.

Inside, you enter into a make believe village with 12 different role play areas.  The attention to detail in every space is unlike anywhere else I’ve been.   We headed to the tea room first.  It’s was just the right size for grown ups to fit in comfortably too (no banging your head).  My friend’s daughter went behind the shop counter and I chose a selection of wooden cakes and a cup of tea which my son then served me at the cafe table, telling me to ‘eat up now’

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I think they could have played there for the whole session but I was keen to explore more so we ventured out along the village high street.  The fire station was a big hit with lots of dressing up clothes. While we were saving the Children’s Play Village from a fire, a little girl appeared delivering packages from the post office addressed to the fire station.

childrens play village warwick, playcentre warwick, imaginative play village

Each room has masses of detail and variety from the next.  The doctor surgery reception has a real clickity clack keyboard and telephone and the defibrillators are on hand for an emergency resuscitation if the excitement all gets too much.  My son loved the vets surgery and dog grooming while my friend’s daughter was in her element getting dressed up and performing on stage at the theatre.  My BBQ’d sausages were much appreciated as I rested around the fire next to the glamping pod in the campsite.

childrens play village warwick, playcentre warwick, imaginative play village childrens play village warwick, playcentre warwick, imaginative play village

This is just a snapshot of  the imaginative worlds created from a VW ice cream van to beauty parlor and of course, a dose of reality with some roadworks! If that’s not enough, they also had music and games going on too.  Something I was really impressed by was that the were staff discreetly picking up items and returning them to the small worlds so it didn’t all end up in one big mess.  I could do with a helper like this at home.

childrens play village warwick, playcentre warwick, imaginative play village

If you’ve got a toddler and a baby to keep occupied, this place is perfect.  It’s small enough so the toddler can wander off and you can still keep an eye on them, but lots of variety so they’ll be fully occupied.  For little ones there is an area in the centre with toys, mat and a low wall which means you don’t have any big ones charging through.

Eating at the Children’s Play Village

One of my bug bears of soft play is that everyone comes in and bags a table and while there are lots of empty tables, you can’t actually find somewhere to sit down.  What I loved about the Children’s Village is that they restrict the numbers so it’s not too crowded and there’s space for everyone to get a seat.  The food was as brilliant as the play which is a real bonus for me.  My son enjoyed beans on toast and I devoured a toasted bloomer topped with crispy bacon, cheese and spiced tomato jam.  There’s a great variety on the menu with something to suit all tastes.

childrens play village warwick, playcentre warwick, imaginative play village

Children’s Play Village Directions

The Children’s Play Village is outside Warwick and within easy reach of the motorway. They’ve got plenty of parking.  Just before you arrive, you head down what looks like a farm track, don’t worry you are going the right way!

The Children’s Play Village Reviews

After I visited, I posted a few pictures on the Red Kite Days’ Facebook page and it seems that you guys love it too.

“The best in so many ways! We’ve been numerous times and always really enjoyed our time there. Such great value for money, spotlessly clean, engaging, lovely staff and good food from the cafe. My little boy is 5 with special needs, my daughter is coming up 9 and both thoroughly enjoy their time at the Play Village”

“Love it there, can’t recommend it enough”

“We love it here aswell”

“This is just the best place ever! ”

“It’s soooooo good! My new favourite place”

“We’ve been several times. And each time is just as brilliant as the one before! So clean and tidy. Well set up before each session. And the cafe has lovely food”


Business Name: The Children's Play Village

Address: Hampton Road Budbrooke Warwick, CV35 8HA

Opening Times:

Morning play session
9.30 am — 12 pm

Early afternoon play session
12.30 pm – 3 pm

Late afternoon play session
3.30 pm – 6 pm


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