What Makes the Best Family Car?

Once kids come along your priorities change especially when it comes to what makes the best family car. A two seater sports car isn’t going to hack it, so what features do you need to consider when buying a family car? It’s worth thinking ahead if you’re just starting your family as what works for one child might not be suitable when more little ones come along.

Boot Space

Let’s skip straight to one of the most vital parts and that’s the boot space. While babies and kids are small, everything that comes with them is not. Whether you’re just out on a quick trip or taking a longer journey on holiday, having plenty of space in the car boot makes such a difference. You’ll need to consider being able to fit in a pram and later a pushchair as well as bags and small push along bikes. A low boot sill is an added bonus as it makes it easier to load and unload all your items.

Family Car Safety Features

Safety is always front of mind for parents and there are a number of features available on the market. As well as safety systems such as ABS and ESP as well as front and side airbags many cars now also have the standardized ISOFIX system which is the safest way of installing child car seats. Something you might not have thought about on safety features is a rear view camera. I have one on my car and it’s absolutely brilliant for parking my large car in small car parking spaces, however it also gives the extra visibility when reversing if there’s a chance that a child could be outside running around.


Space is not just about the boot space but room inside the car too. A 5 door car is much easier to get kids in and out of and if you’re thinking of having a larger family then think ahead and find one which can fit three car seats across the back.

Bonus Features

While not essential, there are lots of little extras that can make the difference on long family car journeys. Cup holders are great for holding water bottles and pop up tables in the back can be useful too. Air con can make a huge different too on scorching hot days as it can get really stuffy in the back when you’re wedged into a car seat. If you’re always in a rush in the morning, a heated front windscreen is a fantastic time saver during the winter. No more scraping ice of the window and waiting for the car to warm up.  But don’t forget quality windscreen wipers that will keep your view unobstructed

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