Ashbourne Day Nursery, Chantry House Milton Keynes

Day Nurseries Designed Around Children’s Developmental Stages and the Characteristics of Learning

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Children are sensitive and impressionable throughout their babyhood and pre-school years. Ashbourne Day Nurseries was formed because its founders were unhappy with standard day nursery services, and so designed an alternative caring, nurturing and learning environment framework:

Care: Our tailored baby care, toys and activities support babies’ physical, mental and emotional development.

Nurture: We gently guide toddlers  through the complexities of toilet training, thought and language skill development, while also ensuring they have tremendous fun.

Learn: The quality of nursery provision for 3–5 year olds (until school age), directly influences their ability to learn, a consideration woven into our activities planning for toddlers and older children.

We want to be part of your extended family
Each day nursery within the Ashbourne group provides a personal service to each child and their parents or guardians. Taking your little one’s character, preferences and needs into consideration, every day we work hard to give them the best care possible, throughout their journey from baby to school age.

Although our nurseries contain more baby and toddler toys and equipment for childrens’ activities than normal households, we create a homely atmosphere so the children can relax, play and learn. Each week our highly qualified caring team ensures your key nursery nurse follows your routines and ensures our provision always mirrors your child’s needs.

Capturing special moments and monitoring children’s development

Parent and child relationship building is at the heart of our multimedia communication techniques. Our online system enables us to send daily diaries to your mobile devices or computers, along with the occasional photo or movie, so you don’t miss special moments when your little one learns something new and wants to show you.


Business Name: Ashbourne Day Nursery

Address: Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Chantry House, 13 Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK2 2BU


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