5 Valentine Activities for Toddlers

Here’s 5 great Valentine themed activities for toddlers from painting to card making and sensory play.

Valentine Heart Painting

toddler valentine craft, toddler valentine heart, heart painting

This is a simple painting activity that even little ones can get involved in.  Have fun mixing the paint and dotting on with cotton buds.  Find out more.

Homemade Valentine’s Card

homemade heart card, stamp card, homemade fathers day card, homemade valentines card, homemade mothers day card

Stamping and printing is a great way to create an cute card for Valentine’s day and it’s super quick to make too.  Find out more.

Love Potion: Valentine Sensory Play

valentines theme toddler messy play

Get creative with some messy play and put a twist on it with this Valentine theme.  It’s also a great opportunity for developing gross and fine motor skills.

Valentine’s Day Slime

valentines day craft, red slime recipe

Slime is such a great sensory experience and this one has been themed especially for Valentine’s Day.  Find the recipe and step by step instructions here.

Love Bugs

love bugs, valentine play dough, valentine toddler craft

These Love Bugs are just the cutest!  This is an LOVELY way to have some Valentine’s Day fun with play dough.  Find out more here.

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