5 Educational Garden Activities For Kids During The Easter Holidays

Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to celebrate Easter than by getting outside and getting your hands dirty in the garden? Not only is it an excellent way to teach kids about the environment, but it will keep them occupied during half term too!

Here are 5 educational garden activities you can do with your kids during the Easter holidays.

1. Make a bug hotel or bee house

Spring is when we start seeing more wildlife in our gardens, so why not add bug hotels or bee homes to your outdoor space? Gather all sorts of natural materials from your garden and let their imagination run wild as you build your very own bug hotel. Your little ones will love checking in on their new guests and watching as all sorts of bugs start to arrive.

If you’re not feeling particularly crafty, don’t worry! The RSPB has several options for bee-friendly dwellings that will make it easy for you to teach your kids all about the wildlife in your garden.

2. Start your first vegetable patch

Get ready to dig in! Choose a sunny spot in your garden, grab your gardening tools, and get started. Whether you’re planting juicy tomatoes, crunchy carrots, or leafy greens, your kids will love getting their hands dirty and watching as their hard work pays off. From seed to harvest, they’ll learn about the importance of caring for their plants and the excitement of eating something they’ve grown themselves.

3. Plan a nature scavenger hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is a fun and educational activity for kids of all ages. Children can learn about different plants, animals, and natural features as they search for items on their list. Once your little explorers have collected their items, it’s time to chat about what they’ve found.

Ask them to share their observations and see if they can identify any of the plants or animals they discovered. You can also use this opportunity to talk about the importance of protecting our natural habitats and how we can all do our part to take care of the planet.

4. Do some outdoor art

If your kids love art, leaf rubbing is a simple but fun new way of keeping your kids creative. Place a leaf under a sheet of paper and use a crayon to gently rub over the top of the leaf. As if by magic, the intricate details of the leaf will appear on the paper.

It’s a fun and engaging activity that will also teach your kids about the different shapes and textures of leaves found in nature. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt and see how many different types of leaves your kids can find!

5. Create a wildflower patch

Creating a wildflower patch is the perfect way of providing an opportunity for your kids to learn about the importance of nature and the role of bees and butterflies in pollination. Involve your kids in the process including choosing the seeds, digging the soil, and letting them help scatter the seeds. Then encourage them to tend to their patch regularly and watch their wildflowers grow and grow.

Get outdoors this easter holiday and get your kids enjoying the natural world around them. Give one of these 5 activities a go!



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