10 tips for modernising your home appliances and the items you should invest in

If you are looking to modernise your home, and make it work for you and your busy lifestyle then you may be wondering what items you should be investing in to make this happen.

We have put together our list of the 10 tips that can really help you to modernise your home appliances and what you should be spending your money on to make this possible.

1.  Kettle

If you have an older kettle then consider replacing it with something more modern. This is about more than aesthetics. Modern kettles can be even more economical to run, and with energy prices still high this can be a very good investment for your home.

2. Toaster

A new toaster is a great and cost effective way of modernising your kitchen. Whether you want a slimline toaster, something that can fit two slices, or something more suited to a family with the capability of toasting four slices of bread at once.

3. Coffee machine

Whilst we are often thought of as a nation of tea drinkers Coffee is becoming an increasingly popular beverage, particularly in the mornings. A coffee machine is a great contemporary addition to any modern home.

4. Coffee grinder

If you like your coffee freshly ground, then an electric coffee grinder is another small electrical item that you may want to add to your kitchen. Good quality, freshly ground beans will make the best coffee when you have guests.

5. Bathroom scales

Slimline digital bathroom scales are a lovely way to add a modern touch to your bathroom. They are very accurate at giving you the correct weight. It is also easier to read your weight more accurately on this type of scale than the more traditional type where you have a lot of small numbers close together.

6. Slow cooker

A slow cooker or crockpot is essential for those busy households who want home cooked meals but simply don’t have the time to put something together at the end of a busy day. Set them up in the morning and when you get home you will be greeted with the wonderful aroma of a home cooked meal. They are particularly timesaving if you prepare dump-bags for your freezer in bulk so that you can just empty them straight into the slow cooker in the morning.

7. Airfryer

Another wonderful modern addition to any home is the air fryer. They can be used to heat up a wide range of foods and use a lot less electricity than putting on the oven, making them very economical to run as well.

8. Electric Mixer

With so many fantastic attachments to make work of all your mixing requirements in the kitchen, an electric mixer is a great time saving addition to any modern home. There are basic mixers which are great for those who don’t do much cooking but want to save time on a few tasks and more expensive mixers that come with a range of attachments that can do anything from kneading bread to whipping cream, liquidising and even making pasta. Choose what will work for you. A quality good mixer will give you many years of service.

9. Electric blankets

With energy bills higher than many would like, it can sometimes be difficult to justify turning the heating on in some rooms of the home. An electric blanket is a great way of warming the bed on a cold night and is also good for combating aches and pains.

10. Smart Grill

For those who are trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, a smart grill is a great cooking option for the modern kitchen. Using little to no oil, you can make healthy meals in no time.


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